Les vieilles tiges de l'aviation belge

New Book - Fighters Defending the Ardennes

Par Peter Celis

11 août 2019





This book is now available in the following museums:



First Wing Historical Center ‘The Golden Falcon’ - Beauvechain - www.first wing historical center

White Bison Museum - Bierset - www.whitebison.be

Patchthof Museum ‘Winter 1944’ - Borlo - www.pachthof.com

Spitfire Museim - Florennes - www.museespitfire-florennes.be

Histo Centre - Sint Truiden - www.airbase-st-trond.be

You can also order the book directly from johan.airart@gmail.com

with clear mention of your name, address, e-mail address and telephone number. Once the payment has been posted, the book will be sent.



Please pay the amount due in advance to account no BE57 9733 7106 3935 in name of Johan Wolfs

mentioning “purchase book Fighters + name + number of copies”

Amount due per book:


Have the book sent to an address in Belgium: 25€ + 8,5€ = 33,5€

Have the book sent to an address in France: 25€ + 13€ = 38€

Have the book sent to an address in The Nederlands: 25€ + 11€ = 36€


For other destinations please contact johan.airart@gmail.com

Si vous ne pouvez pas lire le texte ci-dessous, cliquez ici.