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Belgian Air Force Days - Kleine Brogel

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Invitation : Friday 07 September 2018 @ Kleine Brogel
This year, the “Belgian Air Force Days” are scheduled for Sept 08 & 09 in Kleine Brogel. The day before, on Friday 07 Sept, VTB members and partner are invited to an "ancient event" that is organised for members of the Belgian aviation organisations (as in 2014).
As from 10h00:
• Arrival via the Herenwijerstraat – Kleine Brogel (follow the signs to the parking).
• Transit by coach to the business terrace.
• Reception and registration modalities in the business village.
• Aperitif and snacks. Observation of arrivals and rehearsals.
As from 11h30: Warm and cold buffet with appropriate wines.
As from 13h30: Optional visit to the static display area and exhibition. Free drinks at the terrace.
As from 18h00: Coach back to the parking.
Participation fee: € 60 p/p.
Max 2 persons per member. Registration and payment (on the VTB account) must be done before 30 July 2018 !!!