Les vieilles tiges de l'aviation belge

F-16 pilots (1st generation) gathering - 14 Feb 2018

Par Jacques de Kroes

17 janvier 2018


Gommaire Van Beneden and Jan Fransen made an effort to look up the coordinates of all involved and found about 400 names, but only 288 e-mail addresses. You are one of these. For privacy reasons, we cannot openly distribute these addresses but if you know colleagues who were checked out before March 1996 and did not receive this message, please let us know -  gomy.vb@gmail.com

You are more than likely aware that there are already several pilots' associations in Belgium; to name a few: the Spitfire Pilots Club (SPC), the Mirage Pilots Association (MPA), the Silver Spurs (F-104); the Transport Aviators (Old Timers), etc.

Do you think that it would be useful to create an F-16 pilots’ association? 

You are invited to participate in a short brain storming session on Wednesday 14 February at the Maison des Ailes/Huis der Vleugels (coordinates attached) at the next reunion of the “Vieilles Tiges of Belgian Aviation”.

The objective is to have a short gathering at 11.30 hr (30 minutes), followed by an aperitif and - for those who wish so - a democratic lunch. It is not the intention to take decisions at this meeting, but to launch the idea and to think about it. Should there be a consensus to pursue this initiative, it would be nice if some participants would volunteer to contribute. 
Required key positions: Chairman (coordinator), Secretary, Information manager, squadron representatives.

We hope to meet between 30 and 40 (ex) Viper pilots on 14 February at 11h30 at the MdA/HdV. This gathering is not restricted to VTB members, all "First generation F-16 pilots" are of course most welcome!

If you wish to participate to the lunch, please advise Jan, jfransenbarbe@telenet.be, copy Gommaire gomy.vb@gmail.com, NLT 10 February. The price of the lunch (soup plus plat du jour), including wine, is maximum 20 €.

Gommaire Van Beneden, Jan Fransen, Flurk Van Caelenberge, Wif De Brouwer.